“The Humanity of Justice: Lighting Even the Darkest Path Toward Justice” — a true-crime novel was formally released to a crowd of over 100 invited guests Thursday evening at Monteleone Meadows in Murrieta.

Burke and Geraldine Strunsky, Humanity of Justice Foundation Founder, and President (Ashley Ludwig/SWRNN)

The event was a celebration of the two-year project by author and Riverside Deputy District Attorney Burke Strunsky.

“It was therapeutic to write, through back-to-back cases, over two-and-a-half year’s time, and is not an easy read,” Geraldine Strunsky said of her husband’s book.

On a personal note, Geraldine remarked on the relationships that have been made with victims and their families: “We’ve become involved with the families (Burke) deals with, even receiving cards for the holidays. As a foundation, we are building partnerships with local organizations that already have programs that aid children that have been abused or neglected.”

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