Veteran Prosecutor…Strunsky…Provides valuable insights and vividly captures the human drama of criminal cases. KIRKUS REVIEW

In this engrossing foray into the dark world of violent crimes which tear at the moral fabric of our society, Strunsky shines a light on the greatness of the American criminal justice system because of the human element at its core. EXAMINER.COM

Against the backdrop of his most haunting, high-profile murder and child abuse cases, veteran criminal prosecutor, Burke E. Strunsky, goes beyond an insider’s reflection to shine a light on the humanlike qualities personified in the United States criminal justice system and what this means for our future. The criminal cases described in The Humanity of Justice are told through the eyes and heart of a prosecutor who cares about the people he meets and their life-altering circumstances. Strunsky, a senior deputy district attorney in Southern California, takes the reader inside the courtroom for some of the most haunting criminal cases in the state as well as the nation, including: a highly respected church leader who brutally murders his wife for the insurance money while their baby sleeps peacefully in another room; a twisted father who sexually molests his daughter’s own friends at her slumber parties; a former police chief who drowns his wife of thirty years in their backyard spa; and a young man who sadistically tortures and kills a helpless three-year-old boy, yet manages to dodge the death penalty. Strunsky’s own impassioned social and moral commentary is woven throughout this thought-provoking book on issues significant to the world of criminal justice. Even in the midst of the darkest stories, the voices and courage of the victims and those who love them will leave the reader touched and inspired.

100% of the proceeds from this book are donated to The Humanity of Justice Foundation, a non-profit organization, to help prevent child abuse and neglect.

The Humanity of Justice is available through Amazon or as an ebook on Kindle.