The Humanity of Justice Foundation (HOJF) is a nonprofit corporation with the mission of providing partnerships and funding to root out child abuse across the United States.

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National Child Abuse Prevention Month
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Give Now to The Humanity of Justice Foundation and help us provide partnerships and funding to root out child abuse across the United States.  With your help, HOJF can also create programs and earmark funds for specific causes that prevent abuse and neglect for disadvantaged children by providing programs to protect and develop the health, welfare, and education of children.

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About 40 million children worldwide suffer abuse every year, with more than 1,500 children dying of abuse in the United States annually.
The first step in helping or getting help for an abused or neglected child is to identify the symptoms of abuse.

- Signs of malnutrition
- Poor hygiene
- Unattended physical or medical problems

Physical abuse:
- Unexplained bruises, burns, or welts
- Child appears frightened of a parent or caregiver

Sexual Abuse:
- Pain, bleeding, redness, or swelling in anal or genital area
- Age-inappropriate sexual play with toys, self, or others
- Age-inappropriate knowledge of sex

Emotional abuse:
- Extremes in behavior, ranging from overly aggressive to overly passive
- Delayed physical, emotional, or intellectual development
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April is Child Abuse Awareness Month!
Thank You to everyone who participated on Team HOJF to spread awareness with us at the Run Through the Vineyard!
And Thank You to the Temecula Sunrise Rotary Club for a great event and our Team Spirit plaque!
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Successful initiatives to prevent child maltreatment enlist community members, teachers, business leaders, agencies, faith-based groups, families, and other adults to work together to make lasting improvements to the community’s infrastructure. Community partnerships are a great way to promote safe, stable, and nurturing environments for children, youth, and families. ... See MoreSee Less

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